Leo Janz Memorial

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Leo Janz

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Larry Janz in a serious discussion with Harding Braaten before the Memorial service

John Dyck chatting with Doug Braaten (former BFA student)

Jeremy Drewlo (Phyllis' son) with John Dyck

Leo Janz' 3 grandchildren on the left with Phyllis Drewlo, Jim Janz and Edwin Janz' daughter, sister to Bev Durance.

Hildor & Olga Janz (now residing in Abbotsford, BC)

Cornie & Kay Enns (now residing in Three Hills, Alberta)

Memorial service at Seven Oaks Alliance Church in Abbotsford, BC

Ken & Paul Janz, Jack Stenekes and Bob Janz together again as a Quartet singing "We Shall Rise"

Ken and Paul Janz singing "Ich werde kein Fremdling dort sein"

Eckhard Kraska giving greetings from Germany with Bob Janz translating into English

Colin Janz (Paul & Beth's son) singing "Sweetest Solitude"

Phyllis (nee Janz) giving a speech during refreshments

Paul and Beth's son Chris Janz

Ken & Ruth's son - Andrew Janz

Eldon and Myrna Defehr (long time friends of the Janz family) with Doug, Harding & Donna Braaten

Larry Janz, Bob Janz and uncle Edwin Janz

Karen and her parents Susan & Dick Driedger, Cornie & Kay Enns

Who's the lady (on the left) with Alice & Norm Sowden (Alice is Bob Janz's sister)

Eckhard Kraska (European Director) and Jack Stenekes (North American Director) - must be talking Janz Team business!

These folks are listening to speeches after refreshments

The Penners (Pearl Stenekes' brother) and her sister Ruth Janz

Ken Janz and others listening intently to speeches right after refreshments

Sharon wife of Jim Janz (Edwin's son) and Elaine (Adolph's daughter); who is the one on the right?

The Janz clan - children & grandchildren. Doyle and Lucille Klaassen from Bibelschule Brake are seen at the door (Lucille is in red and tall Doyle is to the right).

Helene & Hans Fast with Erica Klassen (in the middle)

Marvin Thiessen and Dan and his wife (full name?)

Shelley & Reg Ewert (formerly from Gramado, Brasil) and Eckhard Kraska

Johnny Janz, Ken Janz and Eckhard Kraska

Larry & Christa Janz with Eckhard Kraska

Ken & Ruth Janz' son Andrew and Paul & Beth Janz' son Chris and their families

Ruth Janz with Vern Janz (Hildor's oldest), and Norm Sowden (Alice Janz's husband)

Elaine (Adolph's daughter), Olga Janz, Kay Enns, Christa Janz and Alice Sowden (Adolph's daughter)

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Locken (Word of Life) with Jack Stenekes

Four hours later and people are still talking! Left: Bev Durance and her sister with Bob Janz & Paul Janz; Right: Sharon Janz with Olga Janz.